Payment by Card in the Store Failed | Quick Loan


Today we want to share a piece of advice: what to do if, suddenly, having made a choice in a store, you suddenly had problems with a bank card at the checkout.

The main thing is not to panic. You know that the map is yours and belongs to you. You have a passport that certifies your identity. Everything. The rest is trivial. The cashier enters the pin code, called by you or you yourself entered the code in the terminal, but the check did not come out. Plus, the entire amount has passed and debited from the account. But, unfortunately, the printout of the bank did not produce results. Call immediately to the bank via the hotline and check the amount of the debit, but the bank claims that if there is no cancellation for sale, then the amount is debited. And, the most intriguing, if it is really written off. Check, you personally do not need anything, this store needs it for tax reporting, but in some cases it may be necessary for you if the situation is exactly the opposite. When the check did not come out, the terminal accepted the card, but did not charge the amount.

Everything is elementary simple. Either pay for the purchase in cash and do not tear your nerves to yourself and the cashier, or sort it out to the end. The situation is very common, starting from the error of the terminal’s software store and incorrectly entered PIN code and ending with the bank itself, where the failure occurred and the purchase failed. The card could be blocked by mistake. Yes, and many, many more – of which …

And, another tip. If the confirmation does not arrive within 30 calendar days, then feel free to contact the nearest bank office or send a request for checking and detailing your account by registered mail. Rarely, when the bank wants to swear because of 500 hundred rubles. A good name is dearer to him and therefore they will sort it all out and if their problem is, then the money will automatically recover in the account.