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It is worth mentioning that Lakeshia provides loans in Poland, Lithuania, Latvia, the Czech Republic, Ukraine, Moldova, and Kazakhstan. From January 1, 2015, Lakeshia Loan is a member of the Loan Companies Association.

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The payday loan direct offers its clients payment of between PLN 200,000 and 8,000. Keep in mind that new customers can afford PLN 2,000. It is an APR loan of 0%, so it is a completely free loan. The loan period in this company is 15, 30 or 45 days. It all depends on what amount we reach for. If we want to enjoy the first loan without fees, we must return the money within a month. The second loan can be up to PLN 2,500, the third PLN 3,000, the fourth PLN 3,500, and the fifth PLN 4,000. We borrow 5,000 at the sixth loan and PLN 6,000 at seven. The eighth loan in Lakeshia allows you to take PLN 7,000. We can take the maximum loan amount at the ninth lending.

As part of the loan institution’s offer, we can count on instant service and an individual approach to the client. What’s more, we will receive Lakeshia Loans without presenting any certificates, pledges or sureties. For customers with the best creditworthiness, the loan is paid immediately. Remember that at the same time we can have only one active consumer loan in Lakeshia. However, the lender does not mind a bank loan.

What kind of requirements does the lender have?

Applying for a loan is possible only after meeting the requirements specified by the lender. This is age. The potential borrower should be between 21 and 73 years old. Thanks to such a discrepancy, both young people and pensioners can apply for a loan. Applicants should be citizens of the Republic of Poland and have permanent employment. The creditworthiness is very important for the lender. It is determined individually based on the history of our payments, as well as entries in the registers of insolvent persons.

It is also crucial for the lender that the applicant for additional cash should have an active account at the bank. It is on him that money from the loan will be transferred. An active phone number is also necessary. It will serve to provide the borrower with a message regarding a loan decision. It is worth adding that customers will now have a better chance of getting a cash injection – the lender has introduced better scoring parameters.

How to apply for cash in Lakeshia Loan?

A loan in Lakeshia should be requested from the lender. The first step to do is select the amount of the loan and the repayment period with the help of the sliders. Remember that these parameters should be tailored to our financial capabilities. The second step is to make a verification payment of 1 PLN to the lender’s account. After payment, we will receive a one-time SMS password which will help us to log in to the website. It is from this that we should send the completed application. The document should contain the most important information from our ID card. The lender has also introduced a second verification method. We can express our data expressly using the Kontomatik service.

Sending an application does not immediately mean granting us a loan. The creditor has to review our application and decide if we are reliable clients who will not fall into the debt spiral and will give the loan back on time. Only when the application is approved, we can count on the payment of money from the loan. Although the whole process seems to be complicated, in practice it takes several minutes. As a result, customers of the loan company can enjoy the cash received on the same day. Lakeshia loan verifies applications 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. He performs transfers all week and talks with customers on the Hotline.

Lakeshia loan – what is the repayment of the loan?

The repayment of the loan in Lakeshia is as easy as taking it. All you have to do is log in to the customer’s panel on the lender’s website and go to the appropriate tab. There will be a specially created schedule for us that will help us repay our debt. Thanks to him, we will not forget about the next installment. The important thing is that the lender allows you to repay the loan in advance for free.

Remember that if the situation looks the opposite, it is not worth breaking down. Failure to repay the loan on time should be reported to the lender. He may offer us the opportunity to extend the loan repayment term or a refinancing loan. However, it should be remembered that both of these options involve additional costs.