Advantages of being a partner of Promoter Sources   Fontes Promotora de Crédito is a Fontes group company that operates in the credit promotion segment, providing financial solutions to its representatives and partners. The company has a consolidated brand in the national market. In addition, it offers several product options, being a reference in […]

Payment by Card in the Store Failed | Quick Loan

  Today we want to share a piece of advice: what to do if, suddenly, having made a choice in a store, you suddenly had problems with a bank card at the checkout. The main thing is not to panic. You know that the map is yours and belongs to you. You have a passport […]

Non-Bank Mortgage for Property Purchase

  What advantages does a non-bank mortgage offer to buy a property? A non-bank mortgage to buy a property is intended for all who have applied for a mortgage at the bank, but their application has been rejected for any reason – low income, low creditworthiness, entry in the debtors register. Although virtually anyone can […]

Non-bank Mortgage Mortgage Calculator – Non-bank Mortgage

September 6, 2016 Fast Non-Mortgage Mortgage Calculator A fast non-bank mortgage mortgage calculator , represents a solution for all who for some reason cannot get a mortgage loan in a bank. There are several reasons why a bank does not want to comply with your mortgage application. The first reason is that the banking institution […]

Calculate tax reform 2012 – Make a calculation of tax settlement 2012

  Want to know what the tax reform means to you and your finances? Below we have the link to a spreadsheet that you can use to calculate the consequences of tax reform 2012. Using calculation tax reform requires, that you have installed Excel on your PC. If you do not have that, you can […]

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