Calculate tax reform 2012 – Make a calculation of tax settlement 2012


Want to know what the tax reform means to you and your finances? Below we have the link to a spreadsheet that you can use to calculate the consequences of tax reform 2012.

Using calculation tax reform requires, that you have installed Excel on your PC. If you do not have that, you can unfortunately not calculate the tax settlement 2012. The calculator is constantly updated as the content of the tax reform becomes known, therefore you will find that the numbers may vary from time to time. It is therefore also recommended that you retrieve the spreadsheet every time you want to make a calculation.


The tax reform contains tax cuts totaling DKK 7 billion. and also savings of another 2 billion to be used to increase public consumption, thereby increasing employment in public investment and civil engineering.

Originally there was a collaboration with the unit list, but in the 11th hour the government entered into an agreement with the Liberals and Conservatives. This means that some of the changes that had the unit list’s fingerprints do not turn into anything. The unity list would not, among other things, contribute to transfer income not being raised at the same rate as the general salary level. This means that people on transfer income, cash benefits and the like can look forward to having less available when tax settlement 2012 is finally introduced. If you are on transfer income you can see the final result of the tax reform in the above calculates.

The preschool is cropped for the richest

The preschool is cropped for the richest

It is also envisaged that the richest will receive less payment in child allowance. If you serve more than 760,000 annually, you will no longer be paid child checks. Note that the change applies per person – and not per person. household. If one party earns over 760,000, and the other party does not have income, for example, because he is home-living, that would mean a deterioration of the check-out. You can see the consequences of this in the above calculations.

There was also a reduction in the state pension, since the basic pension of the public pension should be cut for the richest. These changes have completely dropped after the new tax settlement with the Left and Conservatives.